Mehri Nadriyan


The human soul is like a plant that must strive to grow. To reach the destination, it must go through the stages one after the other, and it is impossible to reach the next stage without going through the previous stage.
One is not always in the same mood, sometimes sad and sometimes happy. Human emotional and intellectual development often depends on the experience of grief. Sadness and happiness are both refining our being. Deep joy comes after deep sadness. In these paintings, at first glance, images of flowers and plants in sharp colors can be seen, which contrasts with the intertwined forms of the human body or their placement next to humans in a state of indifference. This contradiction is to portray their sadness, happiness, and transience. We live in the world of the opposites, and the existence of happiness depends on the existence of sorrow, and it is up to us to choose at what stage and state we will live. Plant is a creature that has no will and authority, but man has a complete and extensive will in comparison to plants and animals; and the fact that man is born for happiness is undoubtedly a point that we learn from the mysteries of nature.


1984 Born in Tehran, Iran
2013 M.A in Painting (Azad Art & Architecture University), Tehran, Iran
2011 B.A in Painting (Azad Art & Architecture University), Tehran, Iran
2017 Teaching at Azad University of Arts and Architecture, East Tehran
2018 Teaching in Tehran Girls' Fine Arts Conservatory
More than 20 group exhibitions