Mostafa Ghorbani


Paintings on the subway walls, narrate the course of life. Subway is a small town in which people struggle to survive. Everyday in this small town, I observe familiar weariness and disturbances, the common pain, every day I feel in body language of people.
In searching for human's inner feelings, sketching figures and showing expressions has always been contemplative to me. Because it is a way to reach and understand my own unknown self. By drawing individual's expressions with gray color's forms and spectrums, I try to present the condition and life of today's human being in metropolises. The one who is drawn in crowd and weariness day by day. We are so influenced by society's problems, that are far away from being present in moment and in joys of life.
With my paintings, I invite my audiences and, in some moments, even myself, to be present, and to observe and feel these situations.


Tehran, Iran 1981
2003-2007 Bachelor of painting/fine art, Soore University, Tehran, Iran
2018-2020 Master of painting, Soore University, Tehran, Iran
Solo Exhibition:
2019 Metro, Hamras Art Space,
Tehran, Iran
2014 Voice_Rhthm_Silence ,shokoh Gallery,Tehran,Iran
Group Exhibitions:
2019 50*50, Artibition Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2019 Privates, Hamras Art Space, Tehran, Iran
2018 This is me , Shamis Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2018 Tomorrows Artists, Bagh Ketab,Tehran,Iran