Mostafa Khosravi


With respect to a special interest in the biologic world as a source of inspiration in his creativity,the works of Mostafa Khosravi are mainly a reflection of an individual view in a fluent, simple, and pure form;the characteristics which lead his works into an abstract, calm universal scope.
In his selection of subjects,a special similarity is noticed between the surrounding nature and the world of humans.Volcano,the root, tree,etc.,all in a way indicate historical,time-oriented,layered situations.
Works of Mostafa Khosravi move toward inexistence;a route represented by scratching the colors,permanent erosion and wounding in which there are enervated surfaces made by the permanence of persistence of the painter in long rubbing of contexts, and which is a reminder of the importance of time and the erosion of the world.His works are pictures of contexts which simultaneously promote the biologic space of his selected subjects.
Utilizing tree and root,which are legendary symbols,is a conscious selection by the painter;His works are objects in germinal state that soak in their inexpressive silence expecting the outer world of the work (contact’s mind),and this is aligned,more than anything, with the reticent, introvert personality of the painter.
saeed khavarnejad


Born in Bojnurd, Iran (1989).
Living in Tehran, Iran.
The member of Visual Arts Association in Tehran 2017-2020

Group Exhibition:
2019- E1Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2019- Negar Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2019- Vartan Art Gallery, Transition, Artist Group Exhibition
2018- Shokoh Art Gallery , First Auction of Autumn ,October of 2018
2018- Fiera Contemporanea, Cesena Fiera, Cesena-Italy.
2018- Iran less forty, Palazzo Bastogi museum, Florence-Italy.
2017- Fluorescent2, Royal Address Complex, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2017- Fluorescent2, Surface Project, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2017- Opening Surface Project, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2017- 6 Artist 6 senses, Aran Art gallery, Brussels
2017- Red, Negar Art Gallery, Iran-Tehran
2016- 10 Artist 100 Work (Concept Store Gallery), Aran Art gallery, Brussels
2016- Art3F Brussels ( 2nd international contemporary art fair) Brussels
2016- Threshold of feeling, Aran Art gallery, Brussels