Najme Kazazi


In the process of “Construction-Destruction” and “Destruction-Construction”, there are occurrences apt to be explored and grasped. They are less likely to be seen in a routine life, or less enjoyable perhaps. The main feature of this collection is exploiting this process. The painting advances by itself. I put the layers; occurrences occur by themselves. They merge - and not. My current line of work is to explore the occurrences. It is enough to observe them. The whole pleasure lies in observation and staying neutral toward other senses. And then, the transformation of observation to other senses. The smell, the touch, the sound...
In nature, everything is placed in different levels of the circle of creation and death. The nature which, in a broader sense, contains everything around us, and “us” as well.
We, vitally depended to the nature, made drastic impacts on its flow of changes. We know it as our main resort.
It also reminds us of the core concepts of our lives: Birth, Existence, and Inexistence. Human figures of my paintings are both derived from the nature and being absorbed in it. The one who has known his last resort, does not fear this absorption, but longs for it.


B.A in Painting | Soureh Art University | Tehran | 2010
"Predicting the Fall" Solo Exhibition | Inja Gallery | Tehran | 2019
"Bright Side of Darkness" Solo Drawing Exhibition | Pure Drawing Museum | Tehran | 2018
"Dark Box" Solo Exhibition | Hepta Gallery | Tehran | 2017
"Persons" Group Exhibition | Hamras Gallery | Tehran | 2019
"Drawing & Gavel" Group Exhibition | Pure Drawing Museum | Tehran | 2018
"Winter 2nd" Group Exhibition | Seyhoun Gallery | Tehran | 2018
"Sketching Notebook" Group Drawing Exhibition | 14 Gallery | Tehran | 2018
"Stockists" Group Exhibition | Spain | 2016
"Stockists" Group Exhibition | Dey Gallery | Tehran | 2014
"A Selection of Nasl-e No-e Homa Gallery" Group Exhibition | Homa Gallery | Tehran | 2007
Awarded in Faber-Castell Competition | Tehran | 2005