Reza Arabgari


Chain miseries

‏No wind blows backwards,
‏backwards is the weariness of the history.
‏-Sohrab Sepehri

‏History is a chain of different incidents and events, some apparent and some got covered by the dust of time. Our history is full of miseries happened one after the other and yet dust of forgetfullness is an additional sorrow upon them.
‏There was a tortuous path ahead. On one hand I didn't want to have a journalistic point of view and on the other hand, tried to be faithful to the rules of painting. I wished it would be the picture seen not the text. I have lived with these pictures and they have grown up and formed with me, that was a long and hard process and of course delightful.
‏Present collection, is the outcome of my efforts in order to conjoin my personal emotions of contemporary history by means of the medium of painting.
‏Events that are far away and sometimes unknown and at the same time influential in our nowaday ambient.


Born in Shiraz.IRAN.1989
2013 B.A in Painting from Shahed University_Tehran
Solo Exhibition
Naranj art Gallery_Shiraz
Group Exhibitions
2020 To exist _Negah Art Gallery
2019 Modern Art Gallery
2019 Mising Pieces_Platform 3 Art Gallery_Tehran
2019 Art , Peace_Sustainable Development_Museum-Garden of Qasr
2018 Mirror Garden_Vesaal Shirazi Art Gallery_Shiraz
2018 Portrats _ NEGAH Art Gallery_Tehran
2018 Iranian Painters_Lebonan
2018 Journey_Vesal Art Gallery_Shiraz
2018 Portrats _ Hepta Art Gallery_Tehran
2017 WHITE LINE art Gallery_Tehran
2016 Fadak Art Gallery_Ardebil
2016 Atashi Art Gallery_Kerman
2016 Maryam Art Gallery_Tehran
2015 Fadak Art Gallery_Ardebil
2014 Art Festival Versus_Tehran
2013 Tehran Art Expo_ Tehran