Sahar (Maryam) Najafi


Memories and forgetfulness, what may have faded from the past but they are still in mind. They are in women’s collective memory.
Memory is an image that will be reminded again; and if it was an image of sufferings, it would cause pain and would turn to stones for patience; even if they are decorated with flowers or in the white dress.
”women are patient stone in life” and flower stone is a flower that grow up on stones “For colorless pink or pale.”


Tehran Shahed University, Art history, Master of fine art, 2011
Tehran Shahed University, Art painting, Bachelor of fine art, 2008
Solo Exhibitions
2017 "Painting, Narang art gallery,Shiraz.
2013 " illustration", Charsoo art gallery,Shiraz.
2013 "drawing and painting", Vesal art gallery,Shiraz.
2009 " painting" with Azam Golkar, Atbin art gallery,Tehran

Group Exhibitions
2020 "Painting, latuvu’Art gallery ,Belgium
2019 "Painting, Zon d’Art, Strasbourg/France
2019 "Painting, latuvu’Art gallery ,France
2020 "Painting, Rastak e Honar, Farmanfarma gallery,Shiraz
2018 "Painting, Vesal Shirazi art gallery,Homa Hotel,Shiraz
2018 "Painting, Nil art gallery,Shiraz
2018 "Painting,Icom, Ashena art gallery,Shiraz
2018, "Nima memorial, painting and drawing, Shiraz
2017 "Painting, Narang art gallery,Shiraz
2017 "drawing, vesal art gallery,Shiraz
2017 "Painting, Iranian Spring", Taropood art gallery,Shiraz
2017 "Painting, kermanshah", Jam art gallery,Shiraz
2016 "painting, Passing Ordibehesht", Taropood art gallery,Shiraz

2015 "drawing", Bidbon art gallery,Shiraz.
2007 " painting", Negarestan Shahed gallery,Tehran.
Awards and Prizes
2018 Finalist, "winsor& newton" portrait contest, painting Prize, London.
2017 Finalist Iranian , "winsor& newton" portrait contest, painting Prize,Iran,Tehra.
2012 Finalist, visual art festival, painting and drawing Prize, Charsoo art gallery, Shiraz.
2009 Finalist, Student's visual art, painting Prize, Tehran .
2007 Finalist, Olympic Sports art festival, poster Prize, Tehran.
2019 selected, 11th Art pey festival of painting, Farmanfama art gallery , Tehran
2019 selected, 11th Fadjr festival of visual arts, new art, Tehran
2016 selected, First Nafas festival, illustration Prize, Tehran.
2016 selected, "Black and Red color of Love" festival, illustration Prize, Milad tower Tehr