Sajad Gomar


Sometimes we face unwanted worries and problems for which no specific argument can be imagined, this is where we will have no choice but to face them; This algebra can sometimes be instructive and a gem to start over

I love figurative paintings and have been experimenting with portraits for many years; But just as an experience and not for presentation, but in this series I have been looking for more themes and not just technical and obvious performances, if it weren't for that, I certainly wouldn't have cut the faces or portrayed them in the shadow of ambiguity. And I chose twisted tunics to perform. It's enough for me to be able to present my inner self to my audience; yes, a tree grown in a rock is nothing but drying, a view that has dominated my work for many years.


- Painting (Yazd University of the Arts)
- Honorary Member of the Institute for the Development of Contemporary Visual Arts
-Participation in the Golden Tuba section of the 12th Visual FestivalFajr (Academy of Arts 2019)
- Select ArtP Festival, Farmanfarma Gallery (June 24 to 7July 2019)
- Selected at the 7th International Festival of Art for Peace, Gallery Baroque (September 2019)
-Macus Group Exhibition, Shalmaneh Gallery (March 2019)
-Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, White Line Gallery(September 2016)
- Seeking joint pain (Ivan Gallery)
Selected exhibition of Ashura gallery works, Chahar Souk Art, Master Termehchi Gallery (May 2019)
- Laboratory of Lek stains Symphony Art Works Store (Academy of Arts, August 2016)
- Tomorrow's artists' exhibition and store (April 2017)
- Exhibition of selected works of the second peace color festival (Tower Gallery)
Milad Tehran September 2017)
- Role group exhibition in the role (Museum of Contemporary Art
Palestine, May 2018)
- Exhibition of selected works of the first peace color festival (Tower Gallery)
Milad, September 2016)
- Selection of the twelfth mourning of Ashura art (seminary)
Honari, Aban Gallery November 2017)
- Company in Expo Hamedan visual works (Shahid Avini Complex2015)
- Holding a workshop and solo and group exhibition in Hamedan andYazd.
_The first time, the second national festival of peace color (Tower GalleryMilad Tehran, September
The first time of the twelfth mourning of Ashura art (November 2009, Surah)
_The second time of the National Symphony Festival of Storks (Academy) Art of August 2018)
_The second time of the 5th National Festival of Ashura Look, Museum
Greater Khorasan (May 20, 2019)
_Choosing a work in the first exhibition of the winners of Art Festival
Pi (Farmanfarma Gallery, June 98)

_The first time of the Contemporary Human Student Festival, (2011 Yazd)
_Participation in the Golden Tuba section of the 12th Visual Festival
Fajr with two works
_Several top and selected provinc