Salomeh Pezeshkpour


When Andrei Tarkovsky was asked “why do you make the shots so long? He answered: I make the shots so long and then longer in order to let my audiences live there. This gives them a unique and transcendental experience.
They literally become a resident of Tarkofski's world. Maybe one of the visual equivalents of this work in painting is showing indoor spaces without human figures. Emphasizing on places, things and light, creates the eternal moment in a frame.


Date of Birth: 1980

• Member of Iran Painters Association

• Master of Art in “Research of Art”, 2008.
Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Tehran.
• Bachelor of Science in software engineering, 2003.
Islamic Azad University, Tehran.

Painting and drawing courses, Aidin Aghdashloo,1999
Painting and drawing courses ,Masoumeh Mozaffari, since 2008
Painting courses, Amin Nourani since 2018

Group exhibition, Homa Gallery, 2006

Solo exhibition ,Culture Department of turkey embassy, 2006
Solo exhibition, vaali Gallery, 2011
Group exhibition, Barg Gallery, 2011
Annual exhibition of Association of Iranian Painters
Association of Iranian Painters, Research Expo,2016
Solo exhibition,Corner, Haft Samar Gallery, 2018
Group exhibition, still life 12+1, Iranian Artists Forum & ACE Gallery, 2019