Samane Motallebi Solout


In the Name of God | “Oh God, brandish things the way they are.”*: Mohammad the Prophet prays | Sometimes, two realities overlap, the way discovering the truth becomes difficult or, in some cases, impossible. But, people always think they see right, and believes they know. This vanity resulted from wisdom has been so deeply principled among individuals that, I suppose, nothing is more difficult than understanding how the pure and sincere desire for truth has outburst. The eyes of individuals only slip over the surface of things, and they merely see “shapes”. Their senses never penetrate inside the truth of things and tasks; as if being obsessed in a blindfold game is enough for them.** | Philium or

leaf insect is a strong proof to this claim. What you see is “leaf” (such that it is sometimes even hard for zoologists to distinguish between the insect and the leaf), and what is true is “insect”! |
*Mohammad the Prophet


born in Tehran|31 december 1986
Master of art
shariati university

Knack gallery/curated by GAPScuratorial/January 2018
Azad Art Gallery/November 2016
Azad Art Gallery/september 2013

Group Exhibitions
2020 “Habitat”-Bavan Gallery-Curator:Zahra ghyasi
2019 Iranian Painters association-House of Iranian Artists
2019 “Flower The Pure Paradox” Inja Gallery

2018 Drawing Group Exhibiotion Sketching Notebook-
Curator:Niloufar Teymouri-Fourteen Gallery

2018 “Security”Mahe Mehr Gallery-Curator: zartosht rahimi
2018” Identity Crisis “ 4th VA lifestyle Art & Fashion –Ava Art Levels Gallery
2018 “flower” Negar Gallery
2018 Drawing Laleh Gallery
2018 Postcardese Mahmoud Zanganeh art gallery
2018 Drawing & Gavel,drawing Museum
2017 Postcardese azad art gallery|Aknoon art gallery|haan art gallery
2017 knack gallery-curator samaneh ahmadi-alireza nekoei
2017 A Group Exhibition of paintings by Young Iranian Artists Assar art gallery
2016 Beirut Art Fair,Endjavi-Barbe Art Project, Lebanon
2016 Sew+Zan, Azad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 less is more to choise Behrang samadzadegan & Aran Gallery

2015 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2015 exhibition of painting by artists under 30 years old versus visual arts Bienal/House of Artists/
2015 Good News from Iran, Motahedan Projects, Dubai, UAE
2015 painting (death symphony)/Mohsen Gallery
2015 4+6, Motahedan Projects, Dubai, UAE
2014 Good News from Iran, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany
2014 I am Spring / Baku
2013 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 House of Artists, 104 windows ,Tehran,Iran
2013 publication of the case(today Irani,s design) Biweekly statue
2012 Small boards,Aria Gallery