Sara Hassan Khani


Following my move from Tehran to Los Angeles three years ago, I had to suddenly condense my life

into only what could fit inside a suitcase. Despite this, I continue to carry volumes of memories with me; the first home that I grew up in, the people I have loved, places I have walked, and even my birth language that I primarily spoke. But, as I think back to the social expectations in Iran, and subsequently of the new social structures in the U.S., I realize how ephemeral these things truly are.
Apart from the fluid social structures, who am I as an individual?
I question my relationship with the concepts of private and public personas, security, and identity through the lens of my immigration status. Duality and perpetual transition are through lines. I am interested in the juxtaposition of private spaces, such as home spaces, with public spaces. While home is a place that is supposed to feel permanent, every place is represented as temporary or transitional.
The investigation of place happens through the initial planning of a structure, followed by an intuitive process of deconstructing/reconstructing, layering and combining collage, painting, and printmaking to achieve a narrative that is nonliteral and quite ambiguous. By overlapping representational images of my present life with images embedded in memories from my past, I seek to create a paradoxical space.


California State Univerty, Long Beach — MFA — Fall 2017- Spring 2020
Tehran Univerty, Tehran— BFA — 2011-2015

Recent Exhibitions
2019 – CSULB Merlino Gallery “Detached” Long Beach, CA. USA.
2016 – Tehran Gallery “Talkhoun”Tehran, Iran.

2020-MANAAGART online art space
2019-Tehran Gallery “Forth annual Illustration week Exhibition”, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2019-CSULB “President House selection”, Long Beach, CA
2019-Palos Verdes Art Center "Alpay Scholarship Juried Exhibition” Palos Verdes, CA.USA
2019-Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum “Insights” Long Beach, CA. USA
2019-Brea City art gallery” Made in California” Brea, CA. USA
2018-Tehran Gallery “Third annual Illustration week Exhibition” University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2018-CSULB Marilyn Werby Gallery “MFA Advancement show” Long Beach, CA. USA
2018- CSULB Max L. Gatov Gallery “Raced and Othered” Long Beach, CA. USA
2018- Irvine Fine Arts Center “All Media Exhibition” Irvine, CA. USA
2018- Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum “Insights” Long Beach, CA. USA
2018-Brea Art Gallery, “4th MFA Biennial Exhibition” Brea, CA. USA

Interviews/ Publications

DECEMBER 10, 2019– Voyagela magazine, Conversations with the Inspiring Sara Hassan Khani,

September 26, 2018– Daily forty-niner, “Race and Othered” uses cultural individuality in art exhibit,

Recent Experiences
2018-now– Student Assistant, CSULB School of Arts Print Center, Long Beach, CA. USA
2019–Teaching Intern, Storyboarding for film and Tv class, CSULB, Long Beach, CA. USA
2017– Graduate Assistant, Animation history class, CSULB, Long Beach, CA. USA

Commission Awards

2016-Awarded commission for Valie asr Street, "baharestan" annual public art