Sara Kaveh


After getting acquaintance with hand print technique and process of producing, that is based on repetition of printing and editing of print cliché to reach the final result, I completed my collection and used it in the goal of collection that is repeation theme. At first drawing by means of different techniques of hand print (etching, aquatint, drypoint and...) I engraved on copper cliché and then getting print out of that for times. After selecting parts of different prints of a cliché, a new composition that is Included repetition of a motif (part of a print) on different paper have been finilised. Here the prints are not completely the same. Each cliché,makes different result by printing on different paper, and I try to make an abstract result out of realistic composition. Here we have a frame by selecting and repeating part of the result, the frame has chosen parts of the drawing and in a new ground, beside the other selected works makes a layout and let the audience make dream about the invisible parts.


Educational background
2015 Master of arts degree in illustration. Faculty of fine arts, Tehran University
2012 Bachelor of Arts degree in painting. Faculty of fine arts, Tehran University
2005 Diploma (school of Fine Arts) Esfahan
Awards and Exhibition
Best selected of "human beauty" workshop between art universities of Tehran province/2009
Second place in resistance art festival/2010
Best selected and participated in exhibition of selected works at first national festival of drawing of
Alborz painter artists assosiation/2016
Participated in more than 20 group exhibition in Tehran and other cities of Iran from 2012 to 2020