Shiva Babai


Observing and interacting with nature is endlessly pleasurable.
the way I'm perceiving the world has been strongly influenced by the manner of interacting with the nature of my hometown, and by experiencing the evolving nature of human relationships.
I find that these interactions and experiences provide me with great peace and insight, which is highly in contradiction to the suspended and often repetitive state of human existence in urban environments. This inconsistency between living by nature and urban lifestyle has been the main subject of my artworks during the past few years. In the beginning, I drew inspiration for my artworks from photographs of nature and cityscapes, this has gradually been replaced by an abstract approach where I rely more on my mental perceptions.
I see this change as having been caused by the healing process of observing and interacting with nature; and this comprehension affects my works in many ways, it affects me; topic choice, aesthetics, brush strokes, and also the way I select and blend colors on my paintings.
My aim in my artworks is to create a space for comprehending the mysteriousness of life and to share my perception of the world with my audience.


Tonekabon, Iran 1981
2003-2007 Bachelor of painting/fine art, Soore University, Tehran, Iran
2009-2012 Master of painting, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Major Solo Exhibition:
2019 Twilight, Hamras Art Space, Tehran, Iran
Major Group Exhibitions:
2019 Privates, Group exhibition, Hamras Art Space, Tehran, Iran
2018 Drawing notebook, Galery 14, Tehran, Iran
2018 Far but near-3, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Far but near-2, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 The First Painting Festival "Action, Expression, Creativity", Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Painting Exposition, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran