Yasamin Piran


The crisis of meaning in life has become more problematic in modern times than in traditional times. Heidegger interprets the situation of contemporary man as homelessness in which he has lost his home, his existence, and his god, and is not in his original position.He sees this homelessness as the result of neglecting existence, the dominance of modern science and technology, and the lack of gods, which imposes a global machine image on man and creates an artificial and shaky identity for him. On the other hand, the meaninglessness of life is commensurate with the futility and repetition of everyday life-like and sisyphic actions, or in the words of Pierre Bourdieu (human habits). Contemporary man seems to have fallen more and more into the abyss of repetition of his deeds, and if he does not cling to a strong thread like divinity, it is as if suffering, despair, and despair overshadow his life. In the meantime, man's awareness of this, despite his frustration with its continuation, will double his suffering. The conscious human being is constantly suffering, and even with the awareness of this futility and emptiness, he does not go anywhere. In every street, the feeling of emptiness can hit anyone's face and be transmitted to people through the breathing or the sense of touch, dissolve in his body and fear the continuation of life and the fear of death. Awaken in his heart!


Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree and Distinguished Talent (Brilliant Talent) in Painting from the Faculty
of Arts, University of Science and Culture Tehran
Obtaining a master's degree in painting from the Faculty of Arts, University of Science and Culture
Teaching experience at the Faculty of Arts, Tehran University of Science and Culture, as well as
Tehran's cultural centers
Participate in the group exhibition of Euro Expo Art Italy - Forli City - March 19, 2017
Participation in the 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival of Iran in February 2016
Participate in the first national festival of Artang and win the title of the third person of the painting
festival - July 2009
Participation in the Third National Festival of Jokal Painting - April 2017
Participating in a group painting exhibition in favor of the survivors of the Plasco building fire in Tehran
- White Line Gallery - March 2017
Participate in the group painting exhibition of Zarna Gallery - 2016
And two group exhibitions of nature design and painting - Behzad Gallery - 2015