Zohre Jafarabadi


Amphibology contains images of the nature with considering the view of Heidegger and Molana about the relationship between human beings and the world. According to the Heidegger’s theory ̧ man and
the world have particular relations and the existence of both gets its meaning in their relation. Also ̧ Molana considers the unity of them. In my perspective ̧ Nature stands like a mirror in front a person and each one of them resemble the other. In fact, every single artwork shows seminal passions and events of life (such as pain ̧ happiness ̧ despair ̧ hope ̧...).
Furthermore ̧ I’m interested in the relation of color and form. By using the forms ̧ dark and light ̧ cold and warm color layers ̧ which invite the spectators to think ̧ i transfer my feelings and my aesthetic perceptions.


MA in painting from Soore Art University
Group painting exhibition ̧ Airin Art Gallery 2013
Group calligraphy exhibition ̧ Milad Tower 2013
Artworks auction ̧ Iranian Artists Forum 2016
Group painting exhibition ̧ Versus ̧ Iranian Artists Forum 2017
Group painting exhibition ̧ Farda Art Gallery 2017
Group painting exhibition ̧ Al Zahra expo ̧ Pardis mellat 2017
Group painting exhibition ̧ Jokal festival ̧ Pardis mellat 2018
The 11th Fajr Visual Arts Festival ̧ Saba Art Gallery 2018
Group painting and sculpture exhibition ̧100 artworks 100 artists ̧ Golestan Art Gallery 2019
The 11 Annual “MONTAKHAB-E-NASL-E-NO” 2019
Group painting exhibition ̧ Text in Text ̧ Iranian Artists Forum 2019