Zohreh Roudsarabi


Reality is no longer the answer, we have to take refuge in imagination, and what more imaginative imagination than Persian painting?
since I was a newcomer to the art, without knowing why, I was fascinated by Oriental art, and my view of watching them was insatiable. I believed that this interest surely rooted in my identity., and that part of my identity embraced me in the depths of my soul, so I became more and more curious to study and explore this infinite world, and this research continues. On my way, good supervisor such as Ms. Mitra Bostani consciously made the way clearer, and day by day I knew better what I wanted from these motifs and meanings.


'Naqshine' Artin Art Gallery in 2017
'Social Documentary Photography' book 2018
'Carbafoo Postalcard Prize' Abad Art Gallery 2018
'Little Paintings' Azarnoor Art Gallery 2017
'2nd EXPO' 2020