Karim Nasr is an Iranian artist and illustrator. He first studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Central London but soon left this field for visual arts and earned an MA in Graphic Design from the University of Tehran. He is also engaged in drawing and sculpture and is an art writer who has had many notes and articles published in art magazines. Nasr is the author of “Mind Your Diamonds”, an art history book for children, and a book of his paintings has been published by Nazar Art Publication. He has had over 100 solo and group shows in Iran, Canada, Italy, France, South Korea, and Japan among other countries. Nasr has also won many national and international awards, most notably the Bratislava Gold Plaque and the Tehran Drawing Biennial Gold Plaque. He was a four-time jury member in four Iranian Illustration Awards and at the Sixth Iranian Painting Biennial.