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Ali Saeedi

Saradipour Art Gallery is pleased to announce Ali Saeedi as the winner of Khor Art Initiative 2021.
Ali Saeedi Kenari (b. 1971) is a self-taught artist, and as with many outsider artists in the history of art, his connection to his art is far more visceral than cerebral.
“My soul narrates a new story to my fingers every day, every moment from a parallel universe, abandoned in nowhere”, says the artist. “Painting is a necessity for me and I can’t resist all those dancing forms, shapes, and colors deep down in me. Every painting is an irreparable piece of me.”
Saeedi’s otherworldly, Boschian compositions filled with unrecognizable inhabitants, together with his particular diminutive style of removing blacks to reveal the elements against a colorful background vowed the jury in their strange sense of order and elusiveness in details.
As another Khor comes to an ended, a new tale of discovery begins. Stay tuned for more news on this year’s winner and the next Khor event in 2022.