VOLTA Basel 2021

Mahdieh Abolhasan
Abbas Nasle Shamloo

No Man’s Land / A duo presentation by Mahdieh Abolhasan and Abbas Nasle Shamloo at VOLTA Basel 2021
SEPTEMBER 20 - 26, 2021
Elsässerstrasse 215, Basel

SARADIPOUR Art (SARAI) Gallery is pleased to present “No Man’s Land,” a duo presentation by Iranian artists Mahdieh Abolhasan and Abbas Nasle Shamloo where two artists of the same generation offer physically and semantically layered, pathological examinations of our land and humanity’s relationship with the environment from similarity to alienation. In processes involving many layers of constructive and destructive marks, using a muted palette of black, white, and mostly earth tones, both artists offer vistas free from human or animal presence, therefore personifying the landscape itself. Together, Mahdieh’s “wounded” beings – interactive drawing-sculptures of multiple strata - and Abbas’s painted and drawn twilight, grey landscapes of ethereal yet forbidding beauty, create a hushed atmosphere for meditation and introspection; a mental and physically charged space for the viewers to contemplate on their environment and a chance to connect the nature within and without.