SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) is a contemporary gallery specializing in Middle Eastern art. Founded by Hassan Saradipour in 2018, our gallery serves as a platform to showcase emerging and established artists internationally by organizing exhibitions and joint events, and publishing works by artists. Moreover, since 2020, our gallery has introduced Khor Art Initiative, an annual art prize for local talents, reviewed by a high-profile international jury.

SARAI Gallery has been listed on Art Dubai 2020-21, The Armory Show, and KIAF 2021, making us one of the youngest galleries - if not the youngest one - to appear on such competitive platforms, representing for the first time talented artists virtually unknown outside of their home country. Our gallery had the honor of winning the Presents Booth Prize during the Armory Show in September 2021.

SARAI Gallery's main exhibition space is located in Mahshahr, Iran, where we host shows throughout the year. An ancient port city in southern Iran, Mahshahr (lit. city of the moon) was Hassan Saradipour's childhood home. As an arts-and-culture establishment, we chose this location over bustling metropolises not only for better access to maritime transport but, more importantly, because we care about engaging both artists and audiences on a local level and we wished to provide the locals the experience of having and visiting a proper gallery space of high standards, often an unlikely luxury in these areas. Moreover, we believe art can attract visitors from outside and help put this historic town back on the map. Furthermore, under Karavan Projects, our gallery organizes collaborative shows with selected art galleries in other locations and cities. Our LA-based office handles the US and international affairs and events.