Untitled Art 2022: A solo presentation by Shiva Noroozi

Ocean Drive & 12th street, Miami Beach, Florida, 28 November - 3 December 2022 
Booth C29
SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) is delighted to announce its participation at UNTITLED ART MIAMI BEACH 2022 with solo a presentation by female Iranian artist Shiva Noroozi (1980). One of the jury's special selections at Khor Art Initiative - an annual art prize reviewed by a high-profile jury of regional and international art figures - Shiva Noroozi represent a rising generation of wonderfully talented female artists who pursue their unique visions with an inventive formal touch. Preferring to work with acrylics in vibrant colors, Noroozi paints stylized, symbolic, and often solitary figures against warm, serene, and vast landscapes whose meditative states and surroundings seem to echo her own quiet and peaceful existence on an island in southern Iran. The figures' large proportions in comparison to their surroundings invite viewing humans as a "microcosm" and the universe as a "macrocosm", a notion that has often been the subject of ancient mythology and cosmology. Moreover, the human figure is often well integrated into the landscape, sometimes light and suspended like the clouds in the sky, and at other times, sturdy like a stone or spacious like a habitat. Human figures and the universe, thus, complement each other in Noroozi's unifying vision. There is also a palpable feminine energy present throughout her paintings. While some figures' genders might seem ambiguous, the serene, warm color palette, the often curvaceous natural elements such as clouds and trees, and the reshaping of human figures based on their surroundings together lend a feminine warmth, flexibility, and harmony to Shiva Noroozi's visions.