Shima Faridani's narration of the exhibition "Distances and Links" in SARAI (SARADIPOUR) Gallery

In the “Distances and Links” series, however, the artist uses an extensive and symphonic arrangement of visual motifs to form an abstract and decentralized narrative as the base.

Objects intertwine and borders disappear. Although they form each other`s peripheral boundaries, they are never in absolute separation. Each is dependent on another, and all are dependent on an essence so mute that any silence would seem like quite the commotion in comparison. A solid color, a monochrome painting, a colorless silence, and even a pristine canvas, are all full of themselves. So, how can one drown in absolute silence and then name it that? Even a zenist painting that comes from the void and the unspoken has not been able to transcend its gesture-likeness because the vacuity itself is very immersed in mannerism. The point of view of the abstract artists of western art who never give up form-oriented objectivity due to their philosophical origins is also explicit. In that regard, modern abstract art is in parallel with Eastern zenist or Eastern Unitarian abstract art, even if lagging behind a few steps.

April 12, 2022
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