With Karavan Projects, Sarai Gallery Aims to Introduce Iranian Artists to an International Audience

Founded in 2018, Sarai Gallery (Saradipour) specializes in contemporary Middle Eastern art, and despite being a relatively new gallery, it has become internationally recognized for its strong direction, diverse programs and exhibitions, and representation of exceptional artists from the artists. Its global recognition is due in large part to consistent participation in international art fairs, from New York to Seoul. Recently Sarai Gallery introduced Karavan Projects, a new endeavor that seeks to further expand the scope of Sarai's audience through collaborations with carefully chosen art institutions and galleries, as well as the opening of new locations worldwide within the next five years-with Dubai, South Korea, and New York topping the list. Already, the successes of Sarai Gallery have been a source of inspiration for artists and burgeoning galleries in the region, and with Karavan Projects the extent of that impact will be amplified exponentially.
October 11, 2022
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