Bexco Busan Korea, 12 - 15 May 2022 
Booth B 16

SARAI (SARADIPOUR GALLERY) is pleased to present a group show of paintings and drawings by Ali Zakeri, Dariush Hosseini, Ali Saeedi, Moslem Khezri, and Shima Faridani.
These talented Iranian artists - both established and emerging - of diverse backgrounds represent the great creative gamut of Iranian visual arts today and their own generation's life-world in unique visions. Ali Zakeri (1959) and Dariush Hosseini (1970) belong to the first post-revolution generation of artists who broke free from overt socio-political attitudes to rediscover the joy of painting, while each artist' work still remain thematically charged. Their imagery is rich in color and depth and their works offer the purest painterly approach where the process of creating is just as significant and exhilarating as the final image. Ali and Dariush have both been influential to the younger generation of Iranian artists both directly through their work and by teaching hundreds of art students. Dariush Hosseini was introduced to the Korean public during his solo presentation at KIAF 2021 in Seoul.
Figurative painter Moslem Khezri (1984), who made a stellar solo appearance at the Armory Show back in September 2021 in New York, offers moody drawings on colored backgrounds with human and animal figures in suggestive relationships to each other.
We are also excited to include freshly discovered talents Ali Saeedi (1971), and Shima Faridani (1982). These are Khor Art Initiative 2021 selected artists chosen during a nationwide open call juried by high-profile regional and international art scene figures such as Roxane Zand, Max Presneill and Murtaza Vali. Ali Saeedi is self-taught painter of otherworldly landscapes brimming with arabesque figures moving rhythmically as if in a grand ritual. Shima Faridani's work, on the other hand, has visual qualities of universal influences beyond her vernacular culture while also reflecting her generation's social, and political context in a distinctive and highly personal way. Shima paints fantastical ecosystems full of plant-like creatures rendered delicately in watercolor.