Kiaf SEOUL 2022

Coex Convention & Exhibition Center, 3 - 6 September 2022 
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SARAI Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of paintings by contemporary Iranian artists Dariush Hosseini (1970), Ali Zakeri (1959), Parham Peyvandi (1989), Moslem Khezri (1984), Abbas Nasle Shamloo (1983), and Ali Saeedi (1971) at KIAF SEOUL and a solo presence by KHOR Prize shortlisted female artist Shima Faridani (1982) at KIAF PLUS. These exceptional artists of various generations and backgrounds offer a colorful tapestry of Iranian painting today. Persian art is deeply rooted in the Iranian visual history, from pre-Islamic civilizations that spanned over a vast geographic area known as 'the greater Iran', to major influences and movements that have succeeded the advent of Islam such as the Seljuk period down to Safavid and Qajar era aesthetics. It can be see everywhere form the Persian gardens, to tapestry, architecture, jewelry, clothing, and dishware. The presented contemporary Iranian artists working today draw inspirations from a mixture of this rich and diverse art heritage, western art history and their own contemporary environment to create novel visions and channel the voices of their times.