Shima Faridani is a painter, which means she is bound by a medium or tradition that limits her to expressing things only through what could be seen, even though what Faridani wants to show is the world of absolute concepts, ideas and essence; a paradox that she had been dealing with for a while, according to herself. 

Shima Faridani (b. 1982, Iran) is an artist based in Tehran. She received her BA in Painting from Islamic Azad University Art and Architecture, Tehran in 2008. She was the 2nd Prize winner in the Painting section of the "International Young Artists Competition", the University of Westminster, London, in 2009, and more recently, in 2019, she won the 2nd Prize in "A Study of the Evolution of Contemporary Iranian art", Freya Espinas Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran. Shima Faridani was also among the shortlisted artists at the Khor Art Initiative 2021. Shima's favorite medium is watercolor and she envisions fantastical ecosystems of intricate details, reminding the viewer of benign versions of visions by Hieronymous Bosch.