Sam Nikmaram b. 1991

Sam Nikmaram (b. 1991, Iran) is a visual artist. He received his BA in sculpture from Tehran University of Art, Tehran, Iran. Nikmaram has participated in several sculpture biennials and many group exhibitions both at home and throughout Europe. He became the Honored Artist at the 5th Damounfar Painting Biennial, Iran, in 2014. Nikmaram's wide range of collaborations through the years include theater stage design, puppet show design, urban sculpture design and construction, and furniture design among other skills.

Sam Nikmaram's foundation in graphic design back in high school provided him with an opportunity to experiment with a variety of artistic media. Before deciding to study sculpture, he took up photography as an exercise in seeing and better understanding images. At the same time, he began to study drawing and painting. Attending to nature is one of the key features in his work, both in the technique and the sustainable and ecological approach to sculpture, and as a source of inspiration for the subjects of his focus. An attitude that largely explains the use of papier-mâché and disposable items in the structure of his art pieces, a material that has its own history and stories. In his view, imagination and myths are present in many actual and tangible aspects of the world, which is why many of his social concerns are reflected in his works in an imaginative way.