Walking Through the Darkness

28 April - 19 May 2023 Tehran

This Side

There is light.

We neither see nor touch it.

In its empty clarities rests

What we touch and see.


I see with my fingertips

What my eyes touch:

Shadows, the world.


With shadows I draw worlds,

I scatter worlds with shadows.

I hear the light beat on the other side.


- Octavio Paz


In a collaborative exhibition, SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) and Nian Art Gallery are pleased to present Walking Through the Darkness as part of Karavan Projects: a selection of figurative paintings and monotype drawings by Iranian artist Ali Zakeri. Hosted by Tehran-based Nian Art Gallery, Walking Through the Darkness opens on April 28 and will continue to run until May 19, 2023. The present series is a continuation of the artist's musings on boxing both as a sport and a spectacle and the metaphoric state of boxing figures in the ring. Nian Art Gallery is closed on Saturdays.