I'm one of those painters who need to fill the canvas first. It must be filled so I can remove [things] later. Removal is a kind of choice … and there is pleasure in making choices.
- Abbas Nasle Shamloo

Abbas Nasle Shamloo (b. 1983, Iran) is a painter and art educator who holds an MA in painting from Tehran University. He was the selected artist at the 4th Contemporary Iranian Drawing Festival, 2010, and Baharestan Annual Urban Arts Festival, 2018 and 2019. Nasle Shamloo's work has been presented by SARAI Gallery (SARADIPOUR) at two international art fairs in the European art capitals of Paris and Basel in 2021, during which he was praised for his beautiful, enigmatic landscapes.

Abbas Nasle Shamloo's nature evokes a perpetual sense of loss, loneliness, and alienation. His urban landscapes, quiet playgrounds, and somber scenery often depict minuscule solitary figures and wandering animals predestined to fail in finding any solace or shelter either in their built or natural environments. In these melancholic vistas, natural elements appear to be the only truly dynamic characters; trees and grasses dancing in the wind in liberal brushstrokes and various greens are in clear contrast with greyish, plain man-made structures. Shamloo's visions are nurtured by long observations and sometimes photography, yet he ultimately prefers to work from memory. His use of acrylics and ink among other media provides him with the immediacy and versatility required for his imagination to pour out freely onto papers and canvases.